Putting the Best of the Front Desk in Student’s Pockets

Helping every student capitalise on Scape’s inspirational places to live and work and take advantage of all that their university, accommodation, and city has to offer. Fostering an independent student experience.

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With accommodation providing such a key part of the university experience Scape were keen to ensure that their spaces provided a digital experience to complement the safe, calm, award winning homes from home.

Through this project, Scape sought to foster a safe and inclusive student experience for their residents.

The company wanted a single place where students can access everything they need. Providing Scape’s 24/7 services at their fingertips; from maintenance to security, residents receive notifications and send requests to the Scape team. 

Promoting the University experience, students can check for updates on local events and see what’s on in their new community. Importantly, students can access wellbeing support and services whenever they need.

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  • Concierge Services 

With 24/7 student services for residents, students can access a concierge style service for all their needs, including requesting maintenance and being notified of the arrival of packages at the front desk. 

  • Events

Creating a sense of community, students can post or be informed of events taking place within or around the area. Keeping up to date with the goings on and getting involved.

  • Wellbeing Advice

An important aspect of this product was to provide a safe space for students. The app includes a ‘wellbeing’ section where residents can seek advice and contact wellbeing services.

  • IoT Door Lock Integration

We built an integration into the app that would allow users to unlock their bedroom doors through their phone. It could also operate door in communal areas, such as lounges and gyms. Residents could grant short-term access to another user to access their room.

The Story


Since 2002, Scape has provided students with inspirational places to live and work – making sure that everyone has all they need throughout their time at university and beyond. 

Living in its brilliant buildings, tenants enjoy smarter, better and brighter rooms. They have purpose-made spaces to study, workout, and socialise. They join closely-knit communities of students who all look out for one another, with 24/7 access to Scape’s expert support team. 

Scape wanted to enhance this offering to their student through an app. The app would provide concierge style services to the residents, incorporate maintenance request and foster a safe community.  


For many of Scape’s customers, it’s their first time away from home. They’re often nervous about moving to a new area where they don’t know anyone. At the same time, they want to make the most of everything the university, accommodation, and new city has to offer.

Scape approached us with an existing app; keen to make sure that the foundation it was building would be flexible for future development and enhancements to the platform. We worked closely with the Scape team to review their existing position and develop a roadmap that would fuel their ambitions of providing a best in class living experience. 

Working directly with their team and suppliers we developed the app onwards, researching, specifying and integrating new features including additional services and IoT door locks. 


The student app puts the very best of the front desk into its users’ pockets. Through Scape Student Living, students can access the services they need when they need them. They can log maintenance issues, track deliveries, book events, and access the advice or support they need.  

Students feel safe, calm, and at home. They feel supported during a time that can be stressful and uncertain. They also enjoy a better, happier, and more fulfilling university experience – taking advantage of everything their university, accommodation, and city has to offer.   

Empowering an independent student living experience 

The app has been rolled out across 12 buildings in 7 cities around the world.  

Used by students everyday, the app provides students with all the tools they need to live away from home, feeling safe and engaged with their new environment.  

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