Improving Retail Customer Experience by Eliminating Queues and Maximising Sales 

Upgrading the real-world shopping experience by assisting the customer journey from start to finish with a seamless mobile app. Driving footfall and success for retailers.
Sonin worked with JusTapIt to transform the traditional shopping experience. Replacing checkout queues with an easy-to-use app. Helping to improve the customer experience by eliminating pain points such as queuing and checking availability.

To achieve this, we developed an app that allows customers to scan barcodes to check for available sizes, receive real-time updates on nearby stores with different size options but also to use the app to check out and pay.

JusTapIt integrates to retailers core systems to update stock levels, sales and loyalty card data in real time, whilst providing greater insight into shoppers behaviours. Additionally, JusTapIt offers facilities to send personalised special offers to nearby or existing customers, thereby enabling them to boost their revenue.

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  • In-app payment

The app utilises an integrated payment system alongside barcode scanning technology to allow users to conveniently scan their items and make purchases directly from their mobile phones.  

  • Stock management

An integration to the retailer’s Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system enables customers to check the availability of desired items in real-time. If the item is unavailable in store, customers have the option to make an online purchase using the app. 

  • All your favourite retailers under one roof

Using geolocation the app automatically updates itself to represent the retail shop the user is in, switching the product catalogue to that brand and location.

  • Multi-channel support

Ensuring every customer always gets what they want. If the customer is looking for an out of stock item, the app automatically checks online and offers the ability to buy it from the retailers online store.

The Story

After the pandemic, retailers wanted customers to return to in-store shopping, but the reality of extended queues in both the changing rooms and the tills resulted in an unsatisfying experience. 

With retailers losing 33% of customers to long queues, JusTapIt’s aim was to reduce consumer frustration whilst helping shops retain customers in busy periods and make shopping more enjoyable.

They hypothesised that by introducing a digital checkout option, retailers could reduce the pressure on store staff, freeing them up to create a more meaningful contribution in store.  

JusTapIt identified an opportunity to enhance the retail experience by incorporating the advantages of online shopping – time saving with stock availability, virtual loyalty cards, queue-free shopping and instant payments – into physical stores.    

Understanding the user wants and needs for their shopping experience was key to unlocking the key features of the platform.  

We worked with JusTapIt through a discovery phase to identify their market need and key pain points for consumers.  

We started with user research to uncover if people would use the product. From discussions with users, we discovered that as long as the stores themselves promoted the app, they would be keen to use it.  

The research highlighted a key pain point for customers which was waiting in queues for tills. Therefore, it was imperative that the app featured integrated payment options to allow for this.  

However, with the app, customers would be able to visit more stores and retailers would be able to reduce store overheads or redistribute staff – for example, putting more staff in positions to help customers find what they are after or create a concierge service in changing rooms.

A bespoke retail app that brings the benefits of online shopping to the in-store experience.  

Sonin worked with JusTapIt to build an application that resolves the challenges faced by in-store shopping. The app enables instant checkout, allows users to check for stock availability and receive push notifications when nearby stores.  

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, JusTapIt have now taken the mobile app to market with the aim of onboarding some of the UK’s largest retailers.  

Empowering an independent shopping experience 

JusTapIt customers are now able take control of their shopping experience, enabling instant checkout, allowing users to check for stock availability and receive push notifications when nearby stores.

Retailers also expect to see happier, more efficient shoppers and a boost in sales revenue.

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