Explore Learning

Bringing students, tutors, and parents closer together.

Bringing everyone involved in Explore’s award-winning education experience closer together: tutors, students, and their parents.


Explore Learning is a leading provider of after-school tuition for 4-14-year-olds.

Explore approached Sonin to work on a digital transformation initiative that would bring everyone involved in the education experience closer together: tutors, students and parents.

The goal was to build an easy-to-use platform that would provide parents with insights into their children’s success and the tools to help them progress further. At the same time, the product also had to encourage and reward the children themselves.

“The suite of products they delivered has given us an unprecedented level of visibility. We’ve completely replaced our paper-based processes, empowering our tutors, staff and customers alike.”

IT Director, Explore Learning


We worked closely with Explore to understand all of their existing architecture and ensure the platform integrated seamlessly with their systems.

The agile approach we took during development meant that Explore had access to the skill-sets it needed, when it needed them.

Throughout the project, Explore drew from a pool of expert project managers, designers, QA managers and developers depending on the focus for each sprint.

A connected education experience.

The education app provides parents with real-time updates on each student’s progress from the same place as class schedules, open centre times, and staff bios as well as information and guidance.

The suite of products has given Explore an unprecedented level of visibility. They’ve completely replaced their paper-based processes, empowering their tutors, staff and customers alike.

Let’s build an exceptional education app.