Enriching Customer Experiences with Cambridge Audio 

Helping an iconic British brand to introduce new products whilst enhancing and extending their app, elevating the user experience and ensuring music is always heard at its very best.

30 million
People in the UK use headphones
or earphones

20 hours
Average time spent streaming
music per person every week


When your customers have such a passion for music, ensuring they enjoy the best experience is everything. Sonin collaborated with Cambridge Audio to introduce new products to their range, whilst enriching and extending the customer journey through their existing app.

Across five decades, Cambridge Audio have been experimenting and improving their products for an exceptional user experience. Together with their expert hardware and design teams, Sonin aimed to make their app more robust, intuitive and user-friendly to parallel their high-end products. 

Seamlessly integrating the app into the users’ everyday 
lives and incorporating new features.  

Looking to enhance your app?


  • Personalised audio experience

The app allows users to connect their headphones to their device and configure audio to how they want, including transparency between sound and background noise.

  • Graphic Equaliser

Users can personalise their sound further, by use of the Graphic EQ to adjust the amplitude of frequencies and create their own mix.  

  • ‘Find My Earphones’

Location technology within the app ensures customers never lose their headphones.

  • Firmware updates

Users can be certain their music always sounds at its best, the app handles firmware updates so their favourite music can keep streaming. 

The Story


Cambridge Audio wanted to elevate their existing app and add features so their products and the app could seamlessly co-exist in their users’ everyday lives.  

The award-winning audio company knows sound. With the upcoming introduction of further products to their headphone range, they wanted their app to enhance the user experience alongside the physical products and incorporate features that would turn listening to music into an experience.


Our journey began with understanding Cambridge Audio’s mission, their products, customers and their customer needs.

Leveraging our expertise in app development, we worked alongside their expert audio hardware and design teams to enhance the existing app, developing the apps simultaneously as they ran through hardware prototyping phases, to shorten time to market whilst making it more robust, intuitive and user-friendly. 


Through a collaborative effort, Cambridge Audio’s app is an end-to-end experience that effortlessly aligns with customers’ needs, preferences and revolutionises how they interact with Cambridge Audio’s products.

The expanded offerings of their app and new products creates an immersive user experience, where digital and physical work hand-in-hand.  

Amplifying user experience

Build a Best-In-Class User Experience App 

We helped Cambridge Audio to enhance their app for the best music experience for their loyal users.

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