Making it easy for Elanco customers to care for their pets.

Supporting pet owners with proactive reminders personalised advice on how they can best care for their companions. Making Elanco an invaluable source of information for its customers.

Elanco are a global animal health company who strive to improve the health and performance of animals with their products. They ensure that animals and owners are provided with a more safe, affordable and abundant food supply, of which is reinforced by 7,000 employees on an international scale.

Elanco approached us, keen to understand how it could add value to its customers lives through a mobile app.

Used by pet owners all around the world.

To date, the My Vet Program app has been published in eight different languages around the world.

It integrates with users calendars to remind them when it’s time to de-flea their pets. In addition to this, users can access a library of resources in the form of guides, tutorials, and advice on how to best care for their pets.

All this information is personalised to the pets each customer registers, improving their experience by making it more relevant to them while also providing Elanco with valuable information on its customers.

Let’s build a best-in-class healthcare app.