Proving people’s identities in a safe and secure way.

Leveraging blockchain and KYC checks to help people to prove their identity without comprising their personal information.


The Digital Identity Trust was set up to make it easy for people to prove their identity without compromising who has access to their personal data.

The need to share personal information is increasing but so is identity theft. DIT approached us to develop a blockchain ledger that would allow third parties access to personal information in a secure and tracked way. All while preventing any unauthorised access or manipulation of users’ details.


We worked closely with the DIT team to define and specify the RESTful end points for the back-end identity systems. We were then able to leverage blockchain to create an indelible record of each individual’s identity which authorised organisations are able to verify against.

By taking an iterative approach to development, we were able to create a working system using mock web services before integrating with the live API’s. As the system then continued to expand, we integrated additional libraries to allow for biometric identity authentication.

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Safe and secure digital identities.

The platform gives users complete control of their digital identity through a secure biometric authentication system.

Once approved, organisations are able to pass KYC checks between one another efficiently. They are then able to extend their own variation of the record as required. The personal digital identity platform has gathered interest from a variety of finance companies including high street banks, insurance companies and payment providers.

Let’s build an exceptional KYC platform.