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A comprehensive talent management platform, driving employee retention and performance. All whilst putting teams in control through completely customisable workflows and total visibility across-the-board.

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Project Aims

Alpine work with some of the biggest property and construction companies in the industry, helping them drive team performance and boost their retention. Boasting clients ranging from the FTSE 100 to PE funded property developers, they were keen to take their years of experience and knowledge and turn it into a self-serve platform to empower teams directly.  

Sonin worked with Alpine to develop a talent management platform that encompasses the entire employee lifecycle and every stakeholder involved. 

The primary goal was to help transform Alpine’s client’s talent management process. Starting from the recruitment process all the way to exit interviews, the platform supports managers in understanding their team’s performance and engagement through regular assessments, development plans, objectives and 360 reviews.  

Using Alpine’s proprietary algorithms, the platform helps managers understand team performance as well as the risks around team members leaving and the impact to the business. 

In addition, the platform drives engagement and efficiency across a range of day-to-day processes such as holiday booking and training authorisation 

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Key Features

  • Team Performance Reviews

The platform supports a host of performance reviews for users to chose from, including 360’s, assessment questionnaires, personal development plans and objectives. All data collected is maintained over time to help show managers the improvement in team performance.

  • Reporting Across Business Units

Through a powerful reporting suite, managers are able to view data across the entire organisation, highlighting exceptions and areas of concern for addressing, as well as uncovering hidden trends and patterns effecting performance.

  • Efficiency Tools

The platform takes the labour out of processes such as holiday requests and planning and seeking training authorisation. With customisable authorisation flows training requests find their way to the right person, quickly and easily.

  • Team Builder

By analysing employee traits and performance the platform is able to guide managers on suitable candidates for building the right team for the next big project.

  • Psychometric Testing

The platform offers the ability to send candidates psychometric tests to give insights into individual motivation or performance. 

The Story

The Challenge

Finding the right people for the right jobs is a challenge. But it’s the cornerstone of any successful company’s continued growth. Good placements are happier, more productive and more loyal.  

But finding the right people is only part of the challenge. With their years of consulting experience, Alpine know that continual personal development and feedback cycles are key to ensuring team members can perform to their potential 

Alpine approached us to develop a platform that would help companies to drive growth. The solution needed to support the entire candidate experience from interviews to onboarding and beyond to employee reviews. 

The Approach

To gain a full understanding of the process, we carried out industry research as well as face-to-face interviews and workshops with stakeholders from different parts of the employee journey. We combined this with a set of in-depth workshops with Alpine to fully understand their aims, process and methodology 

Running through collaborative UX and UI design processes we were able to ensure that not only were Alpine able to leverage their proprietary algorithms, but the platform aligned to the needs of busy employees and managers, often on the move and working remotely. 

This was crucial in helping us to pinpoint the opportunities to emphasis the delightful moments in the journey and drive platform usage. Finding the right person for the right job is one challenge, but we proved that making sure employees remained in the right roles within their organisations was just as big a win for Alpine’s target client base. 

The Result

Increased employee length of service, boosted engagement and awareness, earlier visibility of emerging management issues. The Alpine platform has put the entire employee experience into a single streamlined platform driving performance across the organisation. It supports every single department and role in an intuitive way that’s tracked and visible to key stakeholders. 

The platform includes psychometric testing, survey and reporting tools, an employee intranet and completely customisable workflows. These allow admin users to quickly build their own internal processes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 

FTSE 100 companies now rely on alpine every single day to streamline their recruitment, management and HR processes.  

“We knew we had to digitize our system. What we produced in partnership with them was absolutely fantastic. They were core to the success of our business, no doubt about it.

There was a strong partnership, and they improved upon what we asked for quite considerably.”

Chairman – Alpine Talent Management

Let’s build a Best in Class Talent Management Platform

The Alpine platform has been rolled out and is used by HR staff to support their workflow every day!