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Invaluable visibility into every structural warranty

Checkmate Insurance needed more visibility into their projects to ensure the accuracy of their structural warranties. We developed an app that made it easy for on-site employees to send real-time info to Checkmate's head office staff.

Checkmate (a division of Lockton Group) is an innovative insurance provider, delivering structural and new home warranty insurance all across the UK. Being at the forefront of its industry, Checkmate has a wealth of experience in the areas of property, development and building.


Checkmate Insurance only get three days on-site per project.

Checkmate (a division of Lockton Group) is an innovative insurance provider that delivers structural and new home warranty insurance all across the UK. But the company only gets three days of on-site inspection before a warranty becomes unprofitable. 

It’s essential that every building element is thoroughly inspected during a project. This is an absolute must to reach the acceptable level of risk that’s required for each insurance premium. But with an average of three days on-site per project, Checkmate wasn’t getting enough visibility. Misinformation, lack of communication and clutter meant inefficient and delayed projects.

On-site staff used to capture photos of the project using a DSLR. They would then upload these photos in a random order to an unorganised project database. This made it incredibly hard for Checkmate to track progress and make sure its warranties were accurate.

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Checkmate is an insurance app for structural warranties


We helped Checkmate pinpoint the problems in its insurance process.

Checkmate’s insurance process wasn’t just time-consuming, it made it incredibly difficult for the company to track project progress and made it difficult to ensure the accuracy of each warranty. So we worked with Checkmate to replace their old on-site system with a bespoke insurance app.

We spoke with Checkmate staff and on-site employees to make sure the insurance app brought value to every stakeholder. We reviewed real-world scenarios and recognised that, in many cases, users would be in areas of limited or no reception.

We also spoke with Checkmate staff to understand the frustrations of reviewing randomly-ordered databases for every project. This bloated the time it took for Checkmate to review projects and decreased the company’s profit margins.


We increased Checkmate’s profit margins for each project.

Checkmate REDI, allows on-site staff to quickly capture photos and videos, assigning them to specific project plots and stages. This ensures that every file has the information required and that Checkmate has much better visibility into their projects in real-time.

In-app optimisation makes sure that uploading media is super fast and doesn’t take up device storage. And as soon as images are uploaded by users, they’re visible to other team members on the project. Users are also able to save media and access the most information available even if they’re in an area of poor signal strength.

Another potential frustration we identified was surveyors finding their way to each site. To make this as easy as possible, we added a ‘further details’ view of each site. Through this screen, surveyors can see the site location on a map. And through API integration, Checkmate REDI links to Google and Apple Maps for easy navigation.

The app is available on both the Google Play Store and App Store for Checkmate members only.

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