Mobile has become our gateway to the world. And today it’s our default camera and our primary music player, it’s where we shop, manage our banking and communicate with each other. However, our users habits are continually changing. Which makes it even more important to integrate mobile into your business strategy. And businesses need to focus on the importance of mobile in customer experience.

In our webinar, Why mobile should sit at the heart of Customer Experience, our Marketing Manager Emma Humbey, explains why brands must rethink mobile’s role in the marketing plan. Where she will give tips on how businesses can focus on mobile in customer experience. Including;

  • The connected customer and their mobile expectations
  • How technology is an enabler for improving customer experience
  • Approaching mobile and integrating it into your marketing strategy

Watch our webinar on mobile in customer experience on demand here >>

Presented By Emma Humbey

Emma Humbey oversees Sonin’s marketing activity, where she is responsible for the marketing strategy, brand awareness and digital communications. With a deep understanding of the media and technology industry, Emma has helped re-position several companies to reach their target market and drive business growth in today’s digital era. Today she focuses on the role of mobile in customer experience and workforce mobility.