Our designer, Chris Rayson, explains how to tackle designing an app to ensure it’s on-brand, usable and loved by your users.

‘What are the key considerations when designing an app?’

When thinking about your designing an app, it’s important to remember that your app is an extension of your brand. You should use design elements that convey your visual identity, whether that’s through colours or typography.

You’ll also have to be aware of Androids material or Apples iOS guidelines to ensure key parts of your app are easy to use, such as the size of buttons are large enough to touch and copy is readable.

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Your app is an extension of you or your brand. So its important to use any design elements to convey your visual identity or style. Whether that’s through colour, imagery or typography. The look and feel of your app should have its own personality suited to who its targeted at.
It also needs to comply with Androids material or Apples iOS guidelines. This ensures key parts of your app, such as the size of buttons are big enough to interact with and any copy is easy to read.
It can be tempting to overload layouts with lots of features, but like any discipline of design, simplicity and tidiness are really the routes to follow.