In our latest video, Sonin Account Director Tim Moore discusses how you should approach app development for your business. Delivering an app is a long-term venture. Many businesses make the mistake of approaching app development as a project and not a product. By looking at your mobile app as a product you’ll be able to consider your road map. More specifically assigning who in your team is responsible for the long-term success of the app.

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Once the first version of your app has been released, it’s important to know how you’ll gather information and feedback for further development. This will include recording analytical data as well as talking with the people using the app on a day-to-day basis. By using this information to drive future iterations of your mobile app, you will have the best chance of getting a return on your initial investment.

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So we speak to a lot of businesses about building their app. They come to us with their requirements and we help them scope and build something. But one of the early things we discuss, is the fact that developing an app and delivering an app is a long-term venture. One of the biggest mistakes that we see is businesses treating an app as a project and not a product. And what that means is that although they put together a team internally, which is there to deliver the project, and once that app goes live then its just left there on their internal intranet or on the store. It gets dumped, and the project team are finished.There’s no one responsible for its success. And like I say that’s probably the biggest mistake we see.

So we advise you look at it like a product and if you’re going to build a product you’re going to build its road-map. After you the first version of it you’re going to look and gather information back to how you can iterate change and make it better.

And that’s exactly how you should approach the app. That’s what we advise, that there is a product owner or a manager assigned to the to the product.Then we help quite often with that continued analysis. So after the app goes live we’re gathering analytical data and plotting that back. Making suggestions and discussing or talking with staff that are using it on how it could be slightly better. Iterating and going again.

And we find that if you do that, it gives you the best chance of getting a return on the initial investment. Which is what obviously everyone wants.

Another thing we always say is that you should treat it as an opex not a capex expenditure. So it should be operational and you should be looking to iterate and change things ongoing. It’ll give best chance of success.