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Last updated: 28/09/2017


Smartphone usage overtakes desktop in UK

Smartphone usage vs desktop

eMarketer’s research shows 2017 is the first time smartphones have overtaken desktops and laptops for going online. The average UK adult will spend one hour and 59 minutes a day on their smartphone, one minute more than on their desktops and laptops. By 2019, average desktop & laptop usage will fall to one hour and 54 minutes. But smartphone usage will grow to two hours and 14 minutes every day!

Traditional industries like major media and TV have been declining from year-to-year. But digital media and mobile is growing rapidly, now accounting for almost half of all media time in the UK.

Source: Mobile Marketing


Apple announces new product line at keynote

Apple Keynote 2017

At its September keynote, Apple unveiled its new line of products including the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, new Apple TV and Apple Watch Series 3. Apple also introduced the highly-anticipated iPhone X, marking 10 years since the original iPhone debuted.

The new Apple Watch Series 3 has built-in cellular, standalone Siri, “swim-proofing” and an improved battery life. All while only being 0.25mm thicker than its predecessor! The iPhone 8’s glass back allows wireless charging and is said to be “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone!” The all-new iPhone X will include FaceID, Apple’s new facial recognition tech. FaceID will work seamlessly with Apple Pay and third-party mobile banking apps. So this gives users a new way to interact with their mobile banking.

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Google & Levi’s introduce new ‘smart jacket’

Smart clothing Levis Google

Google and Levi’s have teamed up to deliver a ‘smart jacket’ designed with bikers in mind. The new piece of clothing uses Google’s Jacquard technology. Wearers of the jacket can use custom swipe gestures to control their phones. This puts an end to riding one-handed as you struggle to figure out your next turn. After pairing your phone with the smart clothing, you can swipe on your sleeve to get Google Maps directions home or control your music. Levi’s have been praised for creating a biking jacket first with smart technology rather solely focusing on wearable technology.

Levi’s new denim jacket uses Google’s Jacquard technology

On a similar note, Nike recently released its “NBA Connected” jerseys to integrate with its NikeConnect app. Wearers can tap their phone against their jersey to launch the app. Fans can then easily see the status of the game with pre-game countdowns, real-time scores and post-game final scores. NikeConnect also gives customers access to exclusive game day offers and rewards.

Source: Wired

Ikea releases augmented reality app ‘Place’

Ikea Place AR Augmented Reality

After the recent roll-out of iOS 11, Ikea released its AR app ‘Place’ to the public. The app helps potential customers see what furniture will look like in their home before buying. Users can switch between different products, styles and colours within the app. ‘Place’ currently has over 2,000 of Ikea’s most popular products with quick links to each product’s listing on the website.

Michael Valdsgaard, leader of digital transformation at Ikea, hopes that the new AR mobile app will position AR as an accessible tool for real-life decision making.

Source: The Verge