Retaining app users is essential to the long-term success of your app. So, in our latest video insight, Sonin Marketing Manager Emma Humbey explores the common reasons for app abandonment. And, more importantly, how you can avoid it!

You can quickly boost engagement among your users by understanding exactly what it is they want. But beyond this, you’ve got to ensure that you’re bringing them something of value through your app. And, when it comes to retaining users, you must give them a reason to stay. You can watch the video and read the full transcript below. Explore other useful insights on the Sonin YouTube channel.

Video: How to retain app users

Full transcript of ‘How can I retain my app users?’

“Retaining users is really important to the success of your app. So it’s important to know why your users aren’t returning or why they’re deleting your app in the first place. In general, we download a lot of apps in the hope that they’re going to be useful to us one day. But then end up deleting them a few weeks later. And it’s not a case of us simply forgetting about the app. There are many reasons that actually come into play here. Such as app crashes and slow loading times.

None of us likes to sit and wait for something to load. And our patience for apps is no different. In fact, we have less patience with apps because we expect things immediately all the time. And users also find it incredibly annoying when an app has too many adverts. Particularly when they accidentally click on one and are sent to a completely different site. This becomes very annoying and interrupts the task they’re trying to achieve in the first place.

And finally one of the biggest annoyances to users is complex signup processes. As I mentioned, we expect things to be quick and simple. Long signup forms and complex signup processes become very frustrating. Especially when users have downloaded an app and are ready to use it for what they intended in the first place. So, it becomes very important to understand why your users are actually abandoning your app in the first place. And then how you can rectify that.
Sonin App Agency Surrey Emma Humbey
So one of the first tasks to do is asking your users for feedback and understanding what they want or what they expect from your app. And once you’ve got a better idea of why they’re abandoning your app and why they’re uninstalling it, you can rectify it. For example, if it’s the performance of the app that’s annoying them, then make sure all the bugs are fixed. Even before launch. And make sure the pages are optimized to load fast. Similarly, if they’re getting annoyed by too many adverts, be smart with the adverts. You may need to include them to monetize your app, but be careful with placement and frequency so as not to over annoy your users.

And you can also do additional things such as introducing push notifications. In recent research, there have been studies that have proven that regular push notifications can actually boost app retention by over 20%. Make sure they’re not too annoying and too often. Make sure they’re personalized and relevant to your users.

Not only that, but you’ve also got to ensure that you’re actually bringing users something of value through your app. What makes your app stand out from your competitors? Especially if your users are paying to use your app. You’ve got make sure you’re giving them a reason to stay.

And finally, just keep your app fresh. Keep updating your content, keep bringing new features and actually listen to what you users want in the first place.”

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