Is there a ‘Delete Account’ feature within your app? Well, if there isn’t, there will be soon. 

Recognising the growing importance of data protection, Apple have introduced a compulsory requirement for a ‘delete account’ feature to be implemented within all apps by 30 June 2022. 

In October 2021, Apple announced, “all apps which permit account creation must allow users to be able to delete their account from within the app.” 

Live apps have five months left to implement the ‘delete account’ feature. 

Apple’s fast-approaching deadline for the ‘delete account’ feature highlights the growing significance of cybersecurity. 

Data protection in a digital landscape

Personal data is simply anything that allows us to be identified or makes us identifiable – from our home address to our computer’s IP address. 

A recent report by App Annie found that, on average, users are spending around a third of their day (around 4.8 hours) on apps. It’s unsurprising then, that users are struggling to control the amount of personal data they are (sometimes unknowingly) supplying; it’s hard to know where their data is and who has access to it. 

The ‘delete account’ feature means users can shut down accounts when they no longer use or need them. This will allow users to reduce their data footprint and ultimately lessen their risk of data fraud. 

Data Privacy Day 

Data Privacy Day is internationally acknowledged on 28 January to highlight the importance of, and risks associated with, data security.

Significant events such as Data Privacy Day, coupled with tech industry leaders implementing privacy requirements for apps, encourage users to be more cyber-secure.

At Sonin, we understand both business and user concerns surrounding data security. That’s why we embed data protection measures throughout each stage of our app development process, right from the Discovery phase, all the way through to Quality Assurance and launch.

Since Apple’s announcement, we’ve been working with all our clients to implement the new ‘delete account’ feature by 30 June 2022.