Customer Experience Magazine, a leading UK online publication, published an article on AI Customer Experience; Artificial Intelligence, and the future of retail by Sonin’s Paul Jarrett.

Gartner recently announced that Artificial Intelligence is the most strategic technology for 2017. Which proves that the opportunity it brings businesses is huge, and it’s something we talk about quite often. So Paul Jarrett, Sonin’s MD, wrote a piece for Customer Experience Magazine on how we can utilise AI customer experience.

We talk a lot about the post-app era, and what that means for businesses. The post-app era defines a world where multiple technologies communicate to help us complete tasks quicker and more efficiently. It’s about the full convergence of the online and offline worlds to create a better experience. However, as we invest more of our time into interacting with our favourite brands online, the less they know about us in the real world. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. Giving us the chance to process and join together millions of data sets that would otherwise be impossible.

To read the full article on AI for customer experience of Customer Experience Magazine, click here.