In our latest video, Sonin MD Paul Jarrett discusses how the online and offline worlds are converging. And how businesses can take advantage of this to drive engagement among their customers. Today’s customer is used to immersive digital experiences and expects a similar level in the real-world too. Mobile is essential for this. It’s a major touch point between brands and consumers. Bringing together other touch points like social media and email campaigns too.

Mobile is often the first place customers go with 90% of people using their mobile phones in-store. It’s their go-to for checking product prices, information and reviews. But brands need to think more about how they can use mobile to improve the customer experience. Whether it’s augmented reality or image recognition, mobile is the key to introducing emerging technology to your customers.

The key to this is understanding what your customer wants on the whole rather than just your part of the picture. Once you’ve considered this, you’ll have a better understanding of how you can use mobile to improve the customer experience. And drive engagement in the long-term too.

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Sonin MD Paul Jarrett explores how the online and offline worlds are converging

Full transcript of ‘How are the online and offline worlds converging?’

“Increasingly as consumers we have higher and higher expectations of how we interact with brands. We’re used to fantastic personalised digital experiences and now more and more as we go out into the real world, we expect a similar level.

So there are lots of different touch points, different ways we interact with brands through social media, through email campaigns, websites and of course through mobile. And at every step of the journey, we’re either contributing by learning or contributing our own information.

And increasingly there’s an expectation that all of that will follow us from point to point. And now into the real world as well. And that should lead to a much better experience in the physical world where, rather than just focusing on initial learning, we can be augmenting it and providing an experience that’s much more exciting.

The one thing that’s with us throughout all of these different touch points is mobile. So we already know that about 90% of people are using their mobile phones in-store. A lot of the time to do things like price checks, read up on reviews or find out more information. But as brands, we really need to think a little bit more about how we can be using mobile to improve that experience.

So maybe if you’re a food brand, you can think about using a phone to allow you to do some scanning or image recognition. And then we can suggest different recipes, different ways you can use the food. If you’re a clothing brand, again you could use image recognition to suggest other complimentary outfits. Or ways you can put it together for a different look for a different season. And if you’re in the automobile industry, we could use augmented reality to let someone sit in the car and then overlay the different finishes you can have on the dashboard.

The real key bit is to understand what it is that the consumer wants on the whole, rather than just looking at your part of the picture. And then how it is we can help them achieve that task and how we can make their journey that bit better.”

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Online and offline worlds converging