We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been shortlisted for not just one but two awards in the UK Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2017! Sonin have been named as finalists for both the Digital Agency of the Year award and the Software Innovation of the Year award. We’re very proud of this news and hope these awards will join our Golden Digital Surrey Award.

Digital Agency of the Year

The Digital Agency of the Year Award represents a collective entrepreneurial spirit in an agency that harvests collaboration without sacrificing excellence. The award is for agencies using digital to push the business forward with pace and consistency. The award recognises digital agencies who refuse to be found on the back foot of the digital sector.

In 2016 we launched a new initiative called Create, where we dedicate some of our time to think, innovate and create something new with the latest cutting-edge technology. From chatbots to beacons to voice recognition. Our teams have developed prototypes that prove the opportunities technology brings to businesses today. These proof of concepts show how the latest technology can integrate into a business. Giving our clients the insights they need to utilise it.

Software Innovation of the Year

The Software Innovation of the Year award is for businesses developing the technologies that are helping companies to become increasingly agile and responsive. Streamlined software is an integral part of a productive business day. This award recognises the talent, dedication and knowledge behind new digital systems.

The bespoke apps we develop keep our clients on the cutting edge of their respective industries. They offer innovative features that change the way they operate. Our software improves employee engagement and output, empowering individuals and teams alike by increasing transparency within businesses. Our mobile apps streamline our clients’ processes both internally and externally. And are often the driving force of digital transformation in their organisations.

Looking to create an award-winning app?

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