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📰 Featured Tech News and Mobile Stories

Google I/O – What Does it Mean for App Development?

It’s such an exciting time for app development! But after Google I/O 2018, we’re even more excited about what’s next for mobile apps! Because at I/O 18, Google showed off new a whole host of new Android P features with improved UI, material design updates and new Augmented Reality capabilities for ARCore. As well as releasing Android Things 1.0, Google’s OS for the Internet of Things (IoT).

But when following events like these, it can be hard to cut through all the noise. We’ve heard about all the new features and tech, but what do they really mean for the future of app development? Watch our video insight below to find out.

One thing is for sure: mobile apps are getting smarter. And so much news out of I/O 18 revolved around this. Google are using AI, ML and emerging tech to streamline the Android user experience. Helping users to solve specific problems, even if that means interacting with their apps less.

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Virgin Trains First to Sell Tickets Through Amazon Alexa

Last year, Virgin Trains launched their Alexa skill allowing passengers to inquire about rail information with just their voice. But now, customers can go one step further. In a partnership with Amazon Pay, the company is speeding up the train ticket booking process by letting passengers simply say “Alexa, ask Virgin Trains to book a ticket from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley on 3 September at 10 am.” Their Alexa-enabled device will then do the rest.

In addition to this, customers can ask Alexa essential info about their journey with just their voice. So, for example, disabled passengers can easily check their train’s accessibility. By harnessing the power of voice assistants, Virgin Trains is streamlining the purchase process and giving passengers peace-of-mind.

But the benefits don’t stop there because voice assistants are also invaluable for user research. So, thanks to the more conversational nature of voice tech, Virgin Trains will get in-depth insight into their customers. Helping them to provide more personalised and more valuable experiences.

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Forrester Say Mobile is No Longer an Option, It’s a Preference

The Mobile Mind Shift Index (MMSI) by Forrester measures people’s reliance on mobile compared with other more traditional channels. Right now, the majority of consumers are still transitioning into mobile for their digital lives. But for the key digital behaviours, smartphones are already the preferred platform.

Forrester MMSI Sonin Mobile App Development

But a recent report by Forrester says the shift towards mobile convenience will only continue. With areas like finance apps in particular rife for mobile disruption. As this shift intensifies, it’s important for businesses to anticipate which trends will see mobile preference and which will see mobile dependence.

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Metro Bank Launches AI Money Manager

In an effort to make their customers’ lives easier, Metro Bank is turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech for its newly-announced money management service. Which will use Machine Learning (ML) to identify patterns in customers’ transactions as well as recognise duplicate payments and irregular bill amounts. The new service will then generate accompanying prompts and notifications, giving customers more insight into their financial situation and more control over their banking.

The financial services revolution is all about putting the customer first. Banks that embrace this will be well-positioned to win customers’ trust and earn their business. Mobile is at the heart of today’s customer experience. Investing in finance apps today will give companies a competitive advantage right now. But soon, it’ll be an expectation for many.

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📈 Mobile and Tech Stats of the Month

  • 48 percent of app users surveyed by The Manifest say they regularly use the Starbucks app, making it the most popular loyalty app. Compared to 34 percent who use Dominos and 30 percent using McDonald’s. And according to a recent report by eMarketer, the Starbucks app is now the market leader in terms of mobile payments users. Beating out Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Payment apps allow retailers to capture valuable data about their users as well as boost customer loyalty.
  • Looking to connect with a new generation of shoppers, Abercrombie partnered with E! News in a Snapchat-exclusive show. The campaign resulted in a 4.5 percent boost to purchase consideration, a 10 percent lift in brand favourability and a 15.4 percent lift in ad awareness. All while driving 40,000 people to stores! – Mobile Marketer
  • By 2020, we will be downloading 258 billion apps and spending $157 billion every year. The average consumer will also spend $26 per device, up 23 percent from last year. – AppAnnie
  • According to a report from MediaCom and ViewersLogic, consumers using their mobile phones while watching TV are 75 percent more likely to follow up on adverts. Far from being a hindrance, second-screening significantly increases customer engagement. It offers up a huge opportunity for brands looking to make the most of their TV ads.

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