The latest mobile news July:  Microsoft launch AI app, Bluetooth gets an upgrade and Amazon launch their own social network.

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Here’s the latest mobile news July…

Last updated: 27/07/2017

Microsoft’s new AI app helps the visually impaired


With Microsoft’s new iOS app Seeing AI, users can point their phone camera towards anything and the app will describe exactly what that thing is. The app can currently identify products through bar-code scanning as well as recognise people and their emotions. Another key feature of Seeing AI is recognising US currency where different denominations are the same size.

Seeing AI also has an experimental feature called Scene which can be used to describe your surroundings. This feature is currently in ‘learning mode’ and Microsoft claims its accuracy will improve over time as more people use the app.

Source: The Verge

Bluetooth is getting a big upgrade for smart homes


The group that oversees the Bluetooth standard released a new specification for a Bluetooth mesh network. This will allow us to take advantage of low-power Bluetooth devices. This mesh network will allow the Bluetooth signal to travel longer distances by hopping between devices.

The mesh network also reduces the strength of signal required from each device. A huge benefit to battery-powered smart-home components. This move will help reduce the cost of a smart-home and encourage the 64% of people interested the tech to invest.

Source: The Verge

Amazon launches social network Spark


Amazon Spark is a social network where Prime users can add stories and upload images of products they love. Launched to encourage product discovery among Amazon customers. Posts can include photos and text as well as links or polls. These posts are grouped in an image-heavy feed where other users can react with comments and ‘smiles’.

A shopping bag icon will display the number of products from the post available on Amazon with links for a seamless shopping experience. This new platform offers an alternative to traditional product reviews with a focus on enthusiasts and influencers instead.

Source: TechCrunch