Would the M2 chip be announced for later this year? Or would Apple sneakily release Swift 5.6?  

These were just some of the predictions our iOS team had ahead of the Apple Event on 8 March 2022.  

About three to four times a year, Apple host their very own ‘Apple Event’. These events are popular with Apple fans and developers alike, who wait to see what updates and new tech Apple have up their sleeve. Our iOS team secured front row seats (virtually of course!) and told us what they learned at the first Apple Event of 2022… 

The announcement of M1 Ultra completes the Apple Silicon family  

The M1 Ultra is Apple’s newest chip, following the creation of M1 (2020), M1 Pro and M1 Max (2021).  

Apple introduced M1 in 2020 as a System on a Chip (SoC) that is both small enough to be compatible with a Mac, as well as being powerfully efficient. It was the first chip Apple designed specifically for the Mac. 

Fast forward two years, and now, Apple has built M1 Ultra through the ‘UltraFusion’ of two M1 Max chips.  

As Apple’s “most powerful chip ever in a personal computer”, M1 Ultra delivers even more computing power than its predecessors in the Apple Silicon family. Check out the size comparison between M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max and M1 Ultra which Apple showcased at Apple Event, below.  

Apple’s newest Mac device, Mac Studio, can be powered by either M1 Max or M1 Ultra.   

What our developers say:

“I’m most excited about trying out the new Mac Studio and seeing how quick that machine is and what the new desktop can do!” 

Petter Vangbrakalsvålet, iOS developer

“I was initially predicting the M2 chipset would be announced at this Apple Event, but with the interconnectivity of the M1 Silicon that was announced, does that mean Apple are capable of combining 4xM1 chips? The potential computing power of Apple devices to come, with lower power consumption, is really exciting for me.”

Ashlee Muscroft

The iPad Air has had an upgrade  

Historically, the iPad Air has used the same chip normally used in iPhones. Now, its supercharged by the M1 chip (this is the same as most MacBook’s!)  

What our iOS developers say

Robbie: “This update makes the iPad a powerful device and moves the iPad line-up even closer to being a great alternative to a MacBook for some tasks.” 

The iPhone SE now features the same chip that’s in the iPhone 13!  

Apple has boosted the performance capabilities of the iPhone SE with the addition of the powerful A15 Bionic chip. This means that developers can create bigger and more demanding apps for users of this phone.  

What our developers say

“I think the iPhone SE (3rd generation) will be a great phone for massive adoption. Apple has really pushed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and on-device learning. This SE now has a 16-core neural engine for AI workload. Not only will users notice fast AI features like scanning text and Siri indents shortcuts, but as a developer, this gives me the opportunity to build AI-rich features within an app with the assurance users will be able to experience it to its fullest.” 

Ashlee Muscroft

Changes to the way we work

The main changes announced at Apple Event that will affect the way we work surround the updates to the iPhone SE.  

Screen size  

“The iPhone 8 design of the iPhone SE means the screen dimensions are completely different to the ‘notch’ style displays which we have been getting used to since the iPhone X. We’ll need to account for the different screen when developing apps for our clients.”   

Robbie Copping

Performance boost  

“The updates to the iPhone SE, which now include a 16-core neural engine for AI workload, will give me the opportunity to be able to build AI-rich features within an app with the assurance users will be able to experience it to its fullest.” Ashlee Muscroft 

Ashlee Muscroft

“This phone has now been given a huge boost in performance which means that we can create bigger and more demanding apps for users.”

Petter Vangbrakalsvålet 

Well, Apple certainly didn’t disappoint our iOS team with the new tech they released at the first Apple Event of the year. We’re excited to experience M1 Ultra on the new Mac Studio, as well as getting our hands on the new iPad Air and iPhone SE!  For more from our iOS team at Sonin, check out our Insights page or please, get in touch. We’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts on the next Apple Event very soon!