With GDPR deadlines looming, will your app be ready for the changes coming into force on 25th May 2018? We’ve already explained what the EU GDPR means for your app but we’ve turned it into this handy GDPR for Apps Infographic and Checklist.

A new study by SafeDK reports that 55% of apps may not meet GDPR privacy standards in time.  Which means the race is on to ensure your mobile app is GDPR compliant. And whilst an app development agency like Sonin can provide you with guidance on how data is kept secure as a data processor, it’s your responsibility as a data controller to ensure you’re following GDPR best practice.

We’ve outlined some of the key changes to look at in our handy GDPR for apps infographic and checklist below…

GDPR for Apps Infographic and Checklist

GDPR for apps Infographic and checklist

*This GDPR for Apps Infographic and Checklist has been provided as a guide to those looking for guidance on GDPR compliance. If you are still unsure about what your business needs to do regarding GDPR we recommend you seek full legal advice.

What can GDPR compliant App Developers do? – Read our article on being a GDPR compliant app agency and find out where different responsibilities lie.

Developing a new app and want to ensure it’s GDPR compliant?

We know the regulations are a bit daunting and confusing, especially if you’re about to develop a new app. There’s lots of variables that are thrown into the mix. However any good app development agency like Sonin will be able to support the security requirements when building a new app. Ensuring your data is fully protected. Are you considering building a consumer app or enterprise app? Give us a call today.