In our latest video, Sonin Marketing Manager Emma Humbey discusses how mobile is now a key tool in the management of our everyday. And more specifically how we can connect with customers on mobile. Mobile allows us to manage our money, book holidays and communicate with friends wherever they are in the world. One of the biggest recent shifts is consumers using their mobile devices to communicate with brands and businesses too; whether they do this through social media, mobile websites or apps.

This has had a large impact on the customer journey as today’s smarter customer now expects immediacy across all interactions and platforms. According to SalesForce, 64% of customers expect businesses to respond to them in real-time. It’s important to understand the needs of tomorrow’s connected customer and how you as a business can utilise mobile to improve how you engage with them.

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How do I connect with tomorrow’s customer on mobile?

Video: Using mobile to engage with tomorrow’s connected customer.

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Full transcript of ‘How do I connect with customers on mobile?’

“So mobile’s become a really important part of marketing in recent years. Especially as we’ve seen a bit of a lifestyle shift in how consumers are actually using mobile. So it’s no longer a device to simply make phone calls or do basic research on. It’s become a key a key tool in the management of our everyday. Whether that’s managing our money to booking holidays and experiences. Or general communication with friends and family wherever they are in the world.

But where we’ve seen the biggest change recently is that customers are also communicating with brands and businesses through their mobiles. Whether that’s through social media, mobile websites or through apps. They’re engaging with businesses more than ever.”

How has this impacted the customer journey?

“This has impacted the customer journey quite significantly. And added many different touch points and digital touch points throughout the whole customer journey. Many of which are actually accessible through mobile. Not only that but customers are a lot smarter today. They have access to significant amounts of data and information through their phone wherever they are.

But whilst we and our customers remain connected what we’re seeing is lots of companies aren’t. Today’s customer expects immediacy, which carries across all interactions on all platforms. But many companies aren’t yet ready for that.

When we look at it, over 64 percent of customers actually expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time. They expect a personalized experience with instant communication with brands wherever they are whenever they want.

So it’s quite important to understand the needs of this new connected customer. And how you as a brand and a business can actually utilize mobile to continue to engage with them. Because when we think about it, the first place we go when we have a question is to our mobile phones. And because of that, businesses also need to think mobile-first. And ultimately integrate it into their marketing strategy going forward.”

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