International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the developments in gender equality over the last century. It’s a chance to celebrate women’s achievements and the milestones they have overcome since. At Sonin, we are proud of the #WomenInTech that work here and the huge contributions they make to our workplace, and our culture, every day.

Although the technology industry remains to be male-dominated, it’s so important that this changes. We want to inspire and encourage more women to enter this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. So, we got the women at Sonin together and asked them one question…

“What do you love about working in tech?”

SARAH PRESTON, Head of Product and Design

“What wasn’t possible yesterday, is today.”

“It’s always changing. It doesn’t matter what you specialise in, whether that’s design, app development, web development or hardware – it’s a continuous evolution. What wasn’t possible yesterday, is today.”

SOPHIE PARSONS, Head of Operations

“One of my favourite parts of working in tech is overcoming ‘the impossible’ with the team.”

“Building apps can involve lots of complexities and sometimes, the projects require us to work with hardware, firmware and all the high-risk elements to a project. But each person in the team brings a unique skill set that helps us untie the challenge. Then, once you plan it out and problem-solve together, the product comes together! Seeing that happen, and the feeling of achievement that comes with it, is just the most satisfying feeling to share with your team. To be able to be a part of that is my favourite thing about working in tech.”

SARAH CHART, Marketing Executive

“I love that our work is so relevant. I can see how the work we do impacts people in my life.”

“Technology impacts different people in my life in different ways. I can talk to my friends, and even my Nan, about the work I do. Also, technology is so versatile. We help clients across a range of industries achieve different things through the sole use of technology. This really makes me appreciate how talented the Sonin team are and I love being able to share our successes, and broadcast our achievements, on our various platforms.”

SUZANNE STASS, People Manager

“Tech is so useful to all kinds of businesses.”

“I love the people in tech and the work they do. It’s so useful to all kinds of businesses and helps to solve business problems.”

Are you inspired to work in tech?

A big thank you to the #WomenInTech at Sonin for sharing what they love about working in the industry.

We hope we’ve inspired you to perhaps consider a career in technology yourself, or share this blog with someone who is looking for career inspiration.

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