Every event organiser wants to stand out from the crowd. But that takes something unique which is why many are turning to custom event management apps. Whether you’re running an event, tradeshow or conference, a bespoke event management app enhances the experience of every single attendee. All while driving your costs down.

This enhanced event experience drives satisfaction and engagement, making sure that everyone at your event (whether they’re an attendee, sponsor or exhibitor) gets the most out of it. All this while opening up a range of extra revenue streams, from sponsored in-app content to augmented reality exhibition booths.

An in-depth understanding of your attendees and exhibitors is what drives app development, ensuring that your app provides value to both them and your business. So, to ensure a return on your mobile investment, you should build your app from the ground-up around your specific audience.

Improve Your Event Experience

The key to improving your event experience is collecting as much data as possible about your attendees. End-of-event surveys and questionnaires help you to pinpoint exactly where you can enhance your event experience. But they also give your attendees a voice, showing them that you value what they have to say.

A key challenge in event marketing is that towards the end of the day, attendees just aren’t in the mood to fill out questionnaires. But mobile can solve this key problem. With a custom event app, you can send your attendees a push notification. Opening this will let them fill out an in-app form. Mobile is quick, convenient and allows you to collect feedback at the most important time. This is much better than being stuck chasing up attendees in the weeks following your event.

In-app feedback forms and are a great way to enhance your event experience, but what are some other features your event management app could have?

Custom Event Management App Features

1. Up-To-Date Agenda

A custom event app ensures your agenda is always up-to-date, safeguarding you against any delays or last-minute changes to the schedule. This way, your attendees will always have access to an accurate, real-time agenda from wherever they are. All this without the need for an expensive reprint run of your event brochures!

2. Unique User Schedule

Give your attendees the tools to build their own ideal schedule. They can choose from a range of seminars, simply tapping their way through to build a unique and personalised day plan. They would also have the chance to link this schedule to their personal calendar. Finally, from within the app, users can even opt-in to push notification reminders to make sure they don’t miss any interesting sessions.

3. Interactive Floor Maps

With an event app, you can turn your static event floor map into an interactive experience. Attendees can filter for specific stands or quickly look up seminar locations. Throughout the day, they can add interesting stands to a shortlist and mark each one off as they go.

Looking forward, with new tech like Android P’s WiFi RTT support, tracking user movement will be easier and more accurate than ever before. So, using indoor positioning, you’ll be able to pinpoint your app users’ movements within one to two meters. This will help you to identify hotspots, the most popular stands.

4. Live Polls and Q&As

Let speakers throw hold live polls, helping them to shape their sessions and get instant feedback. On the other hand, attendees can submit and vote on their own questions too. Making sure they get the most from the event.

Infographic Custom Event Management App Sonin App Development

5. Mobile Tickets

Attendees no longer need to worry about losing their tickets. With an event app, they can store their ticket digitally along with all the details of the event. As well as quick links to social media and map directions. This also makes it much faster for attendees to network, either by scanning each other’s QR codes or using NFC to connect quickly.

6. Message Board

Throughout the day, a mobile app message board is the perfect place to post updates, news and sponsored messages. But this space can also add value to attendees day, giving them somewhere to submit questions and post comments.

7. Search Speakers, Sponsors and Stands

A bespoke event and conference app could include a full directory of speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Letting attendees search based on seminar topic or company category. Featured listings in this directory also offers up a potential new revenue stream.

8. Feedback & Surveys

Similar to live polls, both you and seminar speakers can send out in-app feedback surveys. Sending these out quickly via push notifications helps you, your sponsors and exhibitors to get the best feedback possible and fast!

Using Augmented Reality to stand out at events

Benefits of a Custom Event Management App

As an event organiser or manager, a bespoke event management app makes your life easier by automating areas like registration, entries and attendee interactions. And as all of this happens through your mobile app, you’ll also get much more insight into your attendees. And, more importantly, how you can improve their event experience, driving revenue and enhancing your reputation in the industry.

When it comes to business app development, we’re frequently asked which is more beneficial: developing your own custom, bespoke mobile app or opting for an off-the-shelf solution. Automating a low number of tasks where the requirement is specific is often suited to off-the-shelf apps. But if you’re looking for a feature-rich event app which requires data collection and a solid foundation for future development, then this is far better answered with a bespoke event management app.

Bespoke apps are built from the ground-up around your specific events. This means that you can choose the features best suited to your unique audience, improving their event experience by adding value through mobile.

Do you want to enhance your event marketing?

Are you looking to increase your event footfall, fill more stands and better engage attendees? A bespoke event app can do just that, helping you provide more value to your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. We’ve already helped many of our clients tackle similar business problems, and we’d love to help you too. Send us a message or give us a call on 01737 45 77 88.