Bespoke Business Application Solutions for Your Unique Business 

We understand that every business is unique, with its own history and nuances.

That’s why we immerse ourselves in your business environment, gaining a comprehensive understanding before we undertake any development. We gather and value insights from key stakeholders, as well as the everyday platform users to develop the right bespoke business app that aligns with your specific needs. 

Our process is carefully designed to facilitate adoption, especially in large and complex enterprises, where creating and embracing change can be a challenge. 

We’re experienced in executing complex API integrations that result in a unified data perspective and real-time data access. 

Our approach allows us to get to the grass roots so that your bespoke business app is exactly what your business needs. In other words, we make sure that you build the right product.  


Boosting the Efficiency of Timesheet Processing

Saving administration teams from manually processing 10,000 timesheets each month with an automated, streamline digital platform.

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01 What makes bespoke business applications different from off-the-shelf software?

Bespoke applications are tailor-made for your specific business needs and challenges.

This means that you will end up with an app that delivers to your needs without compromise or workarounds to fit in with a third party’s vision.

You will also be able to develop your app onwards as your users and business requires rather than being limited to the features offered from off-the-self software.

02 How long does it take to develop a custom business application?

The timeline varies based on the complexity and the features you need. We work closely with you to provide a realistic timeline, ensuring quality remains uncompromised.

03 Can Sonin integrate the new application with my existing systems?

Absolutely. Seamless integrations with existing tools and systems is pivotal in ensuring a consistent user experience, driving efficiency and ensuring your businesses operations perform optimally.

Whether you are looking to integrate to an industry standard ERP or CRM system, or something legacy, bespoke and developed in house, we are here to help.

04 What about data security and compliance?

Data security is paramount at Sonin. We implement robust encryption techniques, adhere to industry best practices, and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR.

We work closely with independent security consultants to ensure that platforms we produce are safe, secure and robust.

05 How involved will I be in the development process?

Collaboration is key. We value your insights and feedback throughout the development process, ensuring the final product aligns with your expectations and business goals.

When creating an internal application, it is key to engage stakeholders, from all levels of the business. We will garner insights throughout the discovery process, including carrying out user research and observations to ensure that the application delivers for all users of the platform.

Every client is different when it comes to their requirements for involvement. Some like weekly or even bi weekly meetings to check in on progress and plan future stages, some like a more hands off approach. Our approach is bespoke to every project and will fit in with your availability and requirements.

06 Do you offer hosting services for the applications?

Yes, we partner with a number of hosting providers, tailored to your preferences, whether it’s on Microsoft Azure, AWS, or other platforms.

07 What if I need modifications or new features post-launch?

We offer continuous support and are always ready to assist with updates, new features, or any modifications to ensure your application stays relevant and efficient.

In addition to support you would expect we also proactively feed back to the business insights we have through analytics reviews, with suggestions on where improvements can be made.

08 How do you ensure the long-term viability of the software developed?

We use industry-standard tools and technologies, avoiding proprietary plug-ins. This ensures that your software is maintainable and adaptable in the long run.

As part of our support services, we continually update libraries and upgrade the app in line with new versions of iOS and Google to ensure continued compatibility.

09 What’s the ROI of a bespoke business application?

A tailor-made application can significantly increase revenue, enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and provide a competitive edge, leading to a substantial ROI over time.

The exact ROI is down to the use case and the business in question, but through our Product Strategy and Product Discovery services we can help you quantify the opportunity.

10 How do you handle data migration from old systems to the new application?

Our team has expertise in smooth and secure data migration, ensuring continuity and integrity of your business data.

If a migration is required, as part of our project planning process we will draw out a migration path and detail a plan to ensure a smooth migration when the time comes.

Start transforming your business.