The latest mobile news April: Amazon Alexa open to all apps, Instagram gets offline mode, consumers love chatbots and Greenpeace launch VR app.

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Here’s the latest mobile news April…

Last updated: 20/04/2017

Amazon’s Alexa is now open to all apps


Amazon has officially rolled out its Lex AI service to all developers after previewing it towards the latter end of 2016. This will enable developers to build apps with speech recognition and natural language understanding capabilities. Opening up wider opportunities for businesses to bridge the physical and digital worlds and enhance the overall experience for their app’s users. This can vary from booking restaurants at home, to searching for company data whilst in the workplace.

Source: MobileMarketing

Instagram gets offline mode on Android for developing countries


Instagram announced at F8 that it’s built support for using the majority of its features without internet access on its Android platform. Launched to help Instagram grow in developing nations where data is considered too expensive. Users will be able to view content previously loaded in Instagram’s feed, leave comments, like posts and unfollow pages. Having an offline mode on an app brings many benefits by providing users with a richer experience.

Source: TechCrunch

Consumers are highly receptive to chat bots


According to the 2017 Mobile Consumer Report, 60% of consumers would feel comfortable talking with a chat bot. This means that marketers should increase their efforts to deliver immersive experiences on the emerging platform. That said, only 22% of consumers have actually engaged with a chat bot.  Proving the importance of highlighting the benefits to their customers.

Source: Information Age

Greenpeace launches VR app


Environmental organisation Greenpeace UK has launched a VR app. The new app gives its users the opportunity to experience endangered locations such as the Amazon and Arctic first-hand. The app is populated with 360° films that transport individuals to precious environments. Users can also sign petitions and make donations.

Source: MobileMarketing

New data laws to affect app development


Due to come into effect on 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been passed. The regulation will give EU citizens better protection over their personal data, and more specifically how it is handled by organisations. This means that in some way or another, all businesses are affected, and if you own an app, you’ll be affected too.

Source: What does the EU GDPR mean for your app?