What App Features Are Right For Me?

Down the years we’ve created fantastic mobile applications for our clients on a national and international scale. We’ve helped strollers along the River Thames stumble across hidden gems, home-owners design their own sofas from scratch, and film enthusiasts find their nearest independent cinemas. They’ve achieved high-circulation press attention and received the top score of five stars on the app store, and gained some fantastic reviews along the way.

It’s commonly asked what contributes to the success of a mobile app more, the concept or the features/design that form it. The concept undoubtedly plays a pivotal role. The main reason behind an apps success is because the creator has identified a gap in their respective market and then subsequently built an engaging and creative mobile solution to fill it.

However if you look at some of today’s most popular apps you’ll begin to notice that it’s the built-in virality which gets people talking and sharing. Let’s take everyone’s favourite on-demand dating app Tinder as an example. Its overall concept is simply allowing its users to base their choices on how people look, which in fact could be argued as the standard, if not rather outdated method of internet dating.

What in fact gets people talking is Tinder’s functionalities. The obvious choice here would be the swipe left/swipe right feature to signal your interest. It’s quick, no-nonsense approach eradicates any unwanted interest and keeps the selection process humorous and embarrassment free, which then leads us on to the next point. You don’t receive any unsolicited emails as you only match people that you’ve shown an interest in.

What cutting-edge app features have we created?

Here at Sonin we acknowledge the need for features that keep users engaged throughout whether for personal or business use. We take a proactive approach and suggest innovative features that keep in align with your apps concept, such as the following:

3D sofa builder for Nabru

Concept: Users are able to design their own sofa from scratch

We created an iPad and iPhone app where users were able to customize their own sofa in 3D, taking measurements, fabrics and additional seating into consideration. Users were then able to take an image of their finished sofa in the room they are in directly from the app.


IMG_0088    IMG_0090

Real time location suggestions for Explore Thames

Concept: Walkers along the River Thames are able to find local places of interest

We worked with the Thames Valley Association of the British Marine Federation (BMF) to take their guide to the River Thames interactive. The app allows users to locate points of interest along the River Thames, including accommodation, camping locations, pubs and historical landmarks. These were all viewable by an embedded Google Map and an automatic geolocation feature where you could also suggest your own location to other explorers. A tutorial is also viewable when a user initially logs into the app so that they can practise before using it for real.


IMG_0092         IMG_0091          IMG_0093


Inspirational video incorporation for Breakthrough Group

Concept: Users are able to access motivational content for their business

We worked alongside Breakthrough to create an easy to use iOS and Android app that enables users to access motivational content at all times whilst on-the-go. Key features of the Breakthrough Group App include an engaging animated carousel-styled card browser, where the user can swipe through to select a certain card and view associated text, images and videos.


image2         image1             iPhone 3


Live ‘shout out’ requests for FunKids Radio Station

Concept: Kids are kept entertained on their iPads

We developed an iPad app that is designed to keep children entertained, by allowing them to explore a number of different planets where they can engage in different activities. These planets offer different activities such as film and event news, access to the Fun Kids website and radio as well as the option to request a shout out on the Fun Kids radio station.


IMG_0333             IMG_0330


When thinking about the features that you want to include in your app think about whether your user would benefit from them first and foremost. It’s all about enhancing the user experience rather than placing a feature in purely for aesthetic purposes.If you have an idea for an app along with any engaging features then contact us now to discuss your plans.

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