Tracking every single asset on a construction site

As part of an R&D project, we helped construction companies to track tools and assets across complex organisational structures over many sites. Improving operational efficiency and eliminating paperwork across-the-board.

The Problem

Bullitt Group specialise in the design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of mobile technology and consumer electronics. Tools and
supplies are frequently misplaced, stolen and damaged. This doesn’t just cost businesses money for replacements, it slows down projects and reduces efficiency.

So, Bullitt approached us to find a solution that would help construction companies track tools and assets across complex organisational structures.

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Our Approach

We worked with Bullitt and their hardware team to identify the project’s
key stakeholders and their goals. Managers wanted to run job sites more
efficiently and construction workers wanted to know where their tools were.

We proved that the ability to track tools, their status and location was a common motivation for everyone involved. But we also proved how important it was to workers that any solution supported their process instead of hindering it.

The Solution

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, the platform makes it easy for workers to quickly register tools and create new tags. Reporting faulty or broken tools takes just a few taps. All of this information is fed back to managers in real-time. They can see where tools are, set who has access to them and create triggers to flag when they leave a site.

This removes the need for paperwork, increases visibility and drives operational efficiency across-the-board.

We also worked with Bullitt’s third party providers to create a marketplace through which managers can hire more tools when all inventories are in use.

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