So you may be wondering how Sonin App Development came about? In this post we reveal everything…

The industry has changed considerably since tech enthusiast Paul Jarrett founded Big Orange Software in 2009. Like every industry, the app market is continually evolving. Since we launched our clients’ needs have changed and our services have evolved too. Today, we deliver more than just a piece of software, we deliver a solution. So we realised it’s time to create a new brand identity to reflect this.

We needed a new name that mirrors not just our services, but also our passion for technology and our personality. A name that allows us to continually evolve with the tech industry, but one which also remains true to our history.

We began looking into the tools that allow us to develop apps, the key components of a handheld device, the language used to code for different platforms and the common technical terms used. And over the course of several weeks’ researching and refining a myriad of names, there was one idea that broke through as a clear winner.

The single most important feature of a handheld device today is its screen. We can control our phones through tapping, swiping and touching. The way we interact with our phones is different to any other device before.

Without boring you with the technical details, underneath the glass screen on your smartphones and tablets there is a thin transparent film. And it’s this thin film that allows us to interact with our phones through touch by conducting small amounts of electricity. This film is made of three chemical elements; Indium, Tin and Oxygen.

Or more simply; In, Sn and O.

elements of a smartphone

And from this, after a few re-arrangements, Sonin App Development was born.

Sonin is an anagram of the three chemical elements that allow you to operate your smartphone and tablets with your fingers. Clever stuff!

sonin app development

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