The latest mobile news May:  Google I/O updates, Amazons “Grab-and-go” supermarkets and Google Maps uses street view.

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Here’s the latest mobile news May…

Last updated: 22/05/2017

Google I/O 2017 Keynote: Android O, VR, Google Assistant and more


Google held their I/O 2017 developer conference on May 17th, where CEO Sundar Pichai presented the company’s future plans for Android, virtual reality, Google Assistant and much more. Amongst a number of announcements, the most interesting included;

  • Google can now see and understand the world around you through Google Lens. Displaying relevant information and content on your screen when you hold your camera at something. Be a storefront, a flower or a music poster.
  • Google is turning its smart speaker into a phone, allowing you to place calls through Google Home
  • They are developing standalone VR headsets, that won’t require a smartphone or PC to power the experience.
  • Googles future depends on artificial intelligence, underpinning all of its latest development.

Source: TechCrunch

Amazon’s “Grab-and-Go” Supermarkets coming to the UK

amazon grab and go

Amazon are starting preparations to bring its cashier-free grocery stores to the UK and Europe. Designed for customers to walk in, take what they want, and leave, the stores only required six to ten employees per location. Although they still have a way to go before expanding in the UK, they have filed several trademark applications to start the process.

Source: MobileMarketing

Google Maps uses Street View to show you where to make turns


Google Maps welcomes a small update that makes navigating through new places easier than ever before. When displaying a set of directions, Google Maps will also show a street view image of every road that you’re supposed to turn onto with a directional arrow.

Source: TheVerge