We share with you the latest WWDC17 Highlights and Updates here…

On Monday 5th June 2017 Apple held their annual Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC17, to release a number of new features across all Apple devices. We’ve been following the live updates to bring you the latest Apple Developments.

With major updates to iOS11, your smartphone will become much smarter and offer a more personalised experience than ever before. Bringing new ways to use maps, an updated control centre, changes to Apple Pay, live photo editing and new stickers. Siri has also had a major update, featuring new voices and deeper integration into your apps to better understand what you want to do next.

We’ll be updating the blog with new pieces over the next few days, but here are some of the WWDC17 highlights…

‘Keep making apps, the world is depending on you!’


You can watch the full video here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC0pT9xg1oI


The Apple Watch gets a make over with new faces, personalised fitness coaching and most importantly, can now connect directly with your gym equipment for ultimate fitness tracking.

applewatch gym connect


A redesigned app drawer gives you new ways of opening your favourite apps.

apple app drawer


Apple pay welcomes person to person payments.



Siri gets a serious make over, new voices, more integration and smarter decisions

Apple-smartersiriapple siri


Apple Maps comes indoors, so you can navigate through a mall or find your favourite airport restaurant with ease

apple maps indoors


iOS11 receives a huge safety feature, turning your phone into a do not disturb whilst driving mode by automatically detecting when your driving and letting your contacts know you can’t respond immediately.

do not disturb whilst driving


The App Store gets a huge redesign, giving you a new way to browse for apps

apple app store


Augmented Reality directly in your phone, the most realistic visuals right in front of you

Apple AR kit

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