The Pattern Cloud

Transforming the Textiles Industry

The Pattern Cloud is a conglomerate of leading UK textile studios with over 150 years industry experience between them. Brought together by a commitment to make buying more efficient and more accessible. In today’s connected world, that means moving the textile industry online. To achieve this, The Pattern Cloud approached us to create an app that would change the way textile design studios work.

The Problem

When it comes to the textile industry, there are still so many textile design studios relying on outdated methods. For example, many sales representatives haul bulky fabric portfolios to meetings. But when a client asks for ‘a similar design in blue,’ sales reps are stuck. They have to make do describing the design, often sending a physical sample in the post to follow-up.

This isn’t just inefficient, it’s also losing textile design studios money. Buyers are most engaged when they’re in a face-to-face meeting. On one hand, selling a design without being able to show it is a huge challenge. But on the other, it’s impossible to bring thousands of fabric designs with you to a meeting… Right?

The Pattern Cloud Textile iPad App

The Process

The Pattern Cloud initially approached us to create a bespoke B2B e-commerce platform. One that streamlined the sharing and buying of designs by moving them online. This broke down time barriers and now ensures that The Pattern Cloud’s customer base can now shop 24 hours a day.

Following the success of this project, The Pattern Cloud was keen to develop a bespoke app that would further transform the textile industry. One that would fix the problem so many textile design studios face on a daily basis. Giving partnering textile design studios a competitive edge in meetings and streamlining their sales processes.

Like every one of our projects, we took a Minimum Desirable Product (MDP) approach to The Pattern Cloud sales tool. Because by approaching mobile app development this way, we’re able to solve the core problem in a way that genuinely delights the user.

The Pattern Cloud Textile iPad App

The Solution

The iPad app we developed allows The Pattern Cloud to offer textile design studios a game-changing tool. One that syncs a full library of every single texture each studio has on file. What this means is that studio sales reps can travel with over 10,000 designs, all of which are saved offline. So, the success of their meetings doesn’t depend on a strong signal.

To further their competitive edge, textile design studios can create custom folders within the app. This way, sales reps can prepare unique design portfolios for each client. In meetings, they can then bring up a batch of highly relevant designs with just a few taps. Or search for different designs on the fly, helping them secure the sale then and there.

The bespoke software solution is part of an all-in-one, connected system that we’ve built for The Pattern Cloud. This means that as soon as studios add their designs to the online platform, their sales reps can access them from wherever they are. Looking forward, as we add more features to the app, this will continue to transform the textile design marketplace.

The Pattern Cloud Textile iPad App