Chancellors Estate Agents

We worked with Chancellors to replace its paper-based process with a bespoke real-estate app. The app lets staff do more on-the-go and gives clients peace of mind about their properties. It's now used by hundreds of estate agents every day.



What we did

UI & UX Design, iOS App Development & User Testing

The Problem

Chancellors Estate Agents were relying on inefficient paper-based processes.

Chancellors Group is one of the UK’s leading independent Estate Agencies. All across the south of England and Wales, many people use Chancellors to buy, rent and sell properties every single day. But the company was relying on inefficient paper-based processes, frustrating both staff and clients alike.

So Chancellors approached us to find a solution which would help estate agents work efficiently and give clients peace of mind about their properties. The solution had to be intuitive and easy-to-use so that staff would make full use of it. And, most importantly, it needed to provide a real-time digital audit of activities and project progress.

Our Approach

We mapped out the entire real-estate journey from start to finish.

To fully understand why estate agents and clients were frustrated, we mapped out the entire real-estate journey from both perspectives. This helped us to identify the core problems with Chancellors’ process: slow movement and limited visibility.

Estate agents were relying on paper contracts, physical marketing materials and DSLR cameras. This meant that staff would sign contracts and take property photos but have to wait until they were back in the office before they could do anything with them. Clients, on the other hand, were unable to see the progress being made on their properties. And they were getting frustrated having to wait for Chancellors’ staff to update them.

The Outcome

The app is now used by hundreds of estate agents every day.

We built a bespoke real estate app which has transformed the way Chancellors works. Estate agents can now do more from wherever they are. And clients get a much better insight into the progress of their property sales.

Using the Chancellors app, estate agents carry a wide range of digital promotional materials with them at all times. Every member of staff has an in-app personalised seven-day itinerary. And they are now able to sign contracts on-the-go using digital signatures. And any property photos can be taken using the iPad’s built-in camera. These digital contracts and property photos are then instantly uploaded to Chancellors’ web server. This way, everything is recorded in a digital audit and clients can see progress in real-time.