Alpine Talent Management

We've worked with our client behind Alpine to develop a comprehensive talent management system. It's now used by thousands of users all across the UK.

The Problem

Clients were having trouble finding the right candidates.

Our client behind Alpine pioneered the use of psychometric tests in the recruitment process. They provide companies with the most suitable candidates based on characteristics like intelligence, skills and personality. But our client needed a way to make this accessible and intuitive. So they approached us to develop the Alpine Talent Management system.

Our client wanted a way for managers at large companies to track job candidates, worker satisfaction and employee development. But the solution also needed to allow empower individual employees to track their own development progress. All of this from on-the-go and in a fully responsive layout.

Our Approach

We put the entire recruitment and testing process online.

First, we reviewed the existing psychometric test process. We found that companies were relying on a mix of different third-party testing apps which made accurate reporting impossible. So we worked with our client to map out the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

Using this, we were able to pinpoint the key features that had to be included in Alpine and the key frustrations in the journey that needed to be fixed. We were then able to build a comprehensive system which made sharing, taking and reporting on psychometric tests easy and intuitive. During development, we had to balance the needs of every stakeholder: the employees and the test-takers, the employers as well as our client.

The Outcome

The app is now used by thousands of users across the UK.

The Alpine Talent Management System puts the entire recruitment process into an intuitive and easy-to-use system. By bringing everything into one comprehensive app, we were able to give users a comprehensive digital audit of their recruitment activities.

Our intuitive UX and UI design throughout the app makes completing psychometric tests as simple as possible. An AI algorithm then transforms all the data collected and displays it in a clear visual format for management using graphs and tables. We worked with our client behind Alpine to build out the system from regular recruitment assessments. It now includes manager benchmarking, personal development plans and feedback forms. We also integrated administrative features which let managers track holiday and training course requests. We’re excited to continue enhancing the system for users.