With 50% of mobile apps now being discovered on the App Store and Google Play Store, our Marketing Manager Emma Humbey discusses how you can make yours more prominent and ultimately increase downloads. In order to compete with apps similar to yours and drive more traffic, it’s vital that your App Store ranking is placed as a high priority during your marketing campaign.

Effective App store optimisation can be achieved by incorporating popular (and accurate) keywords into your title and description, and ensuring that your users leave positive ratings and reviews on a regular basis. Click play on the video above to listen to Emma’s response in full.

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So 50% of apps downloaded are actually found on the search function of the app store now. So getting your app ranking highly is quite important.
Obviously there are a number of things you can’t control, but there are things that you can. Some of the ranking factors include the number of keywords used, the ratings and reviews that users have left. As well as the total number of downloads amongst many other things.

So one thing you can look at doing, first of all is optimising your app listing on the store. Utilising your keywords, throughout all the copy, that includes the title and the description. Making sure your app really stands out against some of the others. Another thing that’s important is the ratings and reviews from your users. Encouraging your users to rate and review the app regularly is really important. You can look at doing this through push notifications on the app, and messages every so often. Simply encouraging them to give you an extra couple of stars will help your ratings.