The Challenge

Belle’s community was growing at a rapid pace.

Founded during the early stages of Covid lockdown, Belle Hutt’s health community has since tripled in size.

Every morning, she teaches a live class with a growing audience of over 1,000 strong, passionate, and dedicated fitness enthusiasts; working closely with them to achieve the best results for their mental and physical well-being.

Keen to continue growing her community, Belle Hutt approached Sonin to build a bespoke app through which she could engage, support, and scale her rapidly-growing audience of fitness enthusiasts.

Screenshots for Belle Hutt's fitness app

The Approach

Delivering seamless live workouts to over 1,000 members.

Belle’s community expected the same seamless playback experience they were accustom to from Instagram. So, it was critical that every video, whether it was watched live or on-demand, played perfectly without interruption.

We integrated with Vimeo’s Developer API to embed all Belle’s classes within the app – live workouts as well as the entire backlog. Using the SDK, we were able to customise the video player to optimize playback for mobile.

From a custom Content Management System (CMS), Belle is able to start her daily live streams as well as manage her growing content library. And at the end of every workout, Belle can add contextual information like goals, categories, and mood – making it easy for every single member to find the perfect workout.

Fitness video app

The Result

The perfect workout. For whoever, whenever.

With the Belle Hutt app, members are notified as soon as she’s about to go live. Following every workout (live and on-demand), users are prompted to rate the session.

Combined with a wealth of search filters, this helps every single member of the community find the perfect workout – whatever the goal.

Over time, users can log their progress against weight targets. Steps, calories burnt, and workouts completed are all tracked and updated automatically.

“I am super, super happy with the work Sonin have done. I am very impressed by the level of professionalism and efficiency”

Belle Hutt

Following the success of the first release, we’re continuing to work with Belle and her team to integrate with Apple Health and Google Fit. We’re also implementing in-app e-commerce store and building more features that will support her fast-growing community.

A highly-engaged community.

Creating a sense of competition through an in-app leader board, driving engagement among community members.

With Belle Hutt’s app, progress doesn’t have to be personal. Users can choose to join a community leaderboard for some extra motivation which encourages competition between users and drives engagement within the community.

Build an exceptional fitness app.