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Mobile Strategy

Mobile strategy sits at the heart of our app development process. It lets us focus on your business goals first and not just a list of features.

Mobile Strategy

Every great app starts with a great mobile strategy.

Every great app starts with a great mobile strategy. It’s an essential part of any project we work on at Sonin. But there are so many companies that fall into the trap of treating mobile strategy as a list of features or capabilities. That’s why we’ll work with you to pinpoint what success looks like during our first few conversations.

Our approach to app development means we’re able to focus on your business objectives first – not just a list of features. We then keep your key goals front and centre throughout the entire app development process.

This helps us to make sure our app design and development are led by objectives. Every component and every decision we make can be traced back to the business goals that you set during the mobile strategy phase.

Talking mobile strategy with a client
Team talking mobile strategy

Our Approach

We'll help you establish the key business goals for your app.

During our very first conversation, we’ll help you to define what you want to get out of your project.¬†Some clients approach us with this already established. Others are still working out whether a mobile app will help solve the challenges they’re facing.

Once we’ve established what your key business goals are, we’ll carry out in-depth research into your industry and your competitors. This helps us to understand the context behind your project. But it also lets us see how other companies are approaching similar goals or problems.

What’s next? Setting your business goals is only the start of the app development process. To make sure your mobile app is going to bring value to your business, you have to look at your users. What do they want, need and expect? This is why we recommend an app discovery process at the beginning of every project we work on.

Need help defining your mobile strategy?

We’ve helped hundreds of clients to define and realise their mobile strategies. Our app experts are on-hand to help you establish the key business goals for your project. Give us a call on 01737 45 77 88, send us a message at info@sonin.agency or use the contact form below.


Mobile Strategy