Mobile App Development for the Insurance Industry

Mobile App Development for Insurance

In a sector driven by data and insights, more and more insurance companies are using mobile to better understand and engage their customers. Because right now, the insurance industry faces a huge challenge. Only 15% of customers are satisfied with their insurance providers’ digital experience.1 So, it's no surprise insurance trails behind banking for almost every single customer satisfaction metric.2

It's no secret that today’s insurance customers have sky-high expectations. But they're also far more willing to switch providers. The winners in this switching economy will be the insurance companies that take a customer-centric approach and invest in mobile app development. How could you use mobile to solve your customer experience challenge?

About Sonin App Development

We’re Sonin App Development and right now, we’re working with companies to address the challenges within the insurance industry. Whether it's improving customer experience, driving engagement or streamlining the claims process.

Over the years, our team of in-house app developers have built hundreds of successful apps. Every app we create is completely bespoke and developed against your specific business goals. This way, we can make sure mobile brings both you and your users the most value.

Developing an insurance app requires making some big decisions along the way, from features to the platform. We’re here to help guide you through the insurance app development process. We’ll provide you with all the answers you need and create an app that brings true value to your business.

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