Why Exactly Is Uber Winning?

It’s fair to say that taxi-riding firm Uber aren’t amateurs when it comes to being on the receiving end of lawsuits and general backlash. Whether they’re being taken to court by Californian District Attorneys or causing a standstill on the streets of London, Uber aren’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon if the statistics are anything to go by. Their expansion and controversy is visible to pretty much anyone that has access to any news source or a black taxi driver. But what is it that they’re doing with their app that keeps consumers going back for more?

If you strip Uber down to the core and forget the controversy surrounding it, the app’s functionalities strive to ensure that we go back time after time. The rather simplistic features aren’t particularly difficult to implement, but how they make customers feel whilst engaging with them are responsible for Uber remaining dominant in the market.

Sit back and enjoy as we explore the app’s key features which have contributed to the taxi-giant’s rise to fame.

In the midst of Uber’s operation

When you’re selecting your pickup location the mini black cars dotted around the place make us feel safe, connected and most importantly, an integral part of Ubers operation. The supposed “real time” functionality of the location feature means that consumers have full control of what they’re doing and where they’re doing it. The sheer amount (subject to availability ofcourse) of black cabs travelling across your screen also gives you the impression that you’ll be seen too as soon as humanly possible, however this has recently been scrutinised. According to WIRED the moving vehicles are a meer visual effect in order to showcase the range of vehicles on offer. A theory which hasn’t been proven nor denied, yet the concept could arguably be one of Uber’s most successful in attracting and retaining their user base.

A part of the Uber family

Once you’ve requested a ride you’ll be issued a driver and vehicle instantly which gives you a sense of assurance and safety. This may not apply to all drivers, but an image of a smiley employee adds a friendly touch onto a somewhat dreary service that needs to be purchased from time to time.

Like you’re receiving the best possible deal

Everyone knows that Uber is known for being notoriously cheap (at least in comparison with other cab companies) and they make you fully aware of this. The fact that you get to select the type of service you want once again makes you feel in complete control. It also cleverly tailors to a the sheer diversity of Uber’s userbase, meaning that any potential risk of skipping a potential customer is limited.


The one thing that can be particularly stressful when flagging down a non-Uber taxi is the issue of having the appropriate amount of cash to cover your journey. The worst case scenario of this is that you’ll have to pull over and withdraw more which will incur additional costs. By allowing customers to get a fare estimate and then pay for that respective service without the hassle above, it limits the amount of hassle regardless of your location.

Opinions matter

The fact that you get to instantly rate your experience after your journey makes you feel as if your opinion really does matter. From Uber’s perspective the rating feature acts as a great form of customer retention as it allows them to voice their opinion. Whether these ratings are taken into careful consideration we’re not entirely sure of, yet the functionality makes consumers feel like they can make a valid contribution to the overall service…for  better or worse!