For an enterprise app to be effective and have a true impact on your bottom line it needs to keep employees engaged and remain an essential tool for their job.

Having an app that’s secure, answers all your needs and manages your data is one thing, but getting employees actively using the app is another, it’s the biggest challenge you’ll face.

So you’ve established your business goal and got the development framework in place but you still need to consider the app’s specific objectives and how they will help you achieve your end goal. At the end of the day, your employees will be using the app so it needs to make their life easier. What features will not only help achieve your business goal but also ensure employees are using them. You might be able to establish these within your immediate team, or further research into employees’ daily tasks will need to be undertaken.

Here’s some key questions to ask yourself…

  • What data do I want to collect?
  • What benefit will it bring to your staff?
  • What will make their day-to-day work life easier?
  • What processes and tasks lend themselves to mobile?

Establishing the key objective(s) for the app will give focus and structure to your business case when presenting it to your employees. Your internal communication needs to put emphasis on how the app is a tool to help make your employees life easier, stating the benefits of each individual feature and how they will contribute to the future success of the business.

Approximately 80% of enterprise apps are abandoned by employees after their first use. Of which, 64% of employee’s state that poor user experience of enterprise apps is the main reason for abandonment.

It’s your employees that will need to use the app on a daily basis, so it’s essential for it to be well designed, usable and robust enough for their needs. Long page loading times, connection troubles and an unintuitive interface all contribute to a higher abandonment rate.

Once the app has launched it’s also worth setting up a system for collecting employee feedback, whether this is an open discussion or through an anonymous comment box, think about what would work best for your team. The insights they give you into the usability of the app and functionalities will help shape the app and give you direction on further development.

It’s important to note that once you’ve got an enterprise app up and running, it needs just as much attention to keep it running. To make sure you get the most out of your app, it will need to be continually managed, reviewed and updated.

Want to know more?

We’ve been developing enterprise applications for over 7 years now, so we’ve compiled a list of the key roadblocks our clients have faced whist mobilising their business. Including; Business Goals, Product management, Security, Costs, Integration and Scalability. Download our white paper to understand the 8 key challenges of enterprise mobility and how you can achieve success.