Last night Apple held their greatly anticipated iPhone 7 launch event in San Francisco.

After a very public twitter mishap, where Apple accidentally revealed a video of the new iPhone 7 an hour early, they officially unveiled the new models. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Longer battery life

Apple have made a big promise. They’ve promised that we’ll get an extra 2 hours of battery life over an average day on the iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 6s. Featuring the longest battery life ever in an iPhone, it will last 14 hours when using WiFi and 12 hours on 4G.

2. Touch sensitive home button

The redesigned home button is now a touch surface, a bit like the Mac trackpads. It will provide touch feedback with the Taptic Engine and feature custom notification buzzes for things like messages and calls.

3. New colours

Although the phone body is very similar to the 6s, they’ve released two new colours to replace space grey; matte black and shiny jet black for those image conscious consumers. They join the original silver, gold and rose gold colour options.

4. Dual camera system

Previously, the Plus models haven’t had much differentiation apart from a larger screen. Now the iPhone 7 Plus will feature two 12-megapixel cameras on the back, compared to the one on the iPhone 7. With one wide-angle lens and the other being a telephoto lens you’ll be able to toggle between the two to get the perfect shot.

5. Goodbye Jack

The rumours were finally settled last night, with confirmation that the headphone jack has officially gone in favour of a Lightning port audio connection. Apple will be supplying a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter in the boxes with the new models along with a pair of lightning EarPods.

6. Hello Mario

Super Mario Brothers creator took to the stage and announced a new instalment of the game exclusively for iOS users. This coincides with Nintendo’s release of an Apple Watch version of Pokémon Go.

…and a second generation of Apple Watch

Featuring the brightest screen Apple have ever shipped, twice as bright as the first generation Apple Watch, the new model will be 50% faster and comes water resistant with built in GPS. It’s clear the new model is aimed at the fit-conscious amongst us from its new features and Nike designs.

Combined with the latest software updates that came with the release of iOS 10 – available to the public next week, 13th September, Apple have a lot of new features to offer their users.

iOS 10 is one of the biggest updates we’ve seen yet, featuring a smarter Siri who can handle image searches and even transcribe voicemail, and a more open platform for developers. This presents huge benefits for apps, allowing further integration into the platform. You can read more about it on our round up from WWDC 2016.

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