Valuable Custom App Development

From streamlining business processes to helping us stay in touch with family and friends our mobile phones sit at the heart of so many of our day to day communications.

At Sonin we specialise in creating innovative and secure apps that support your business goals. By building on our knowledge and researching your market we’re able to offer strategic and tailored guidance throughout your project to create the most effective custom app. We will work with you to discover, design and develop an app that helps you stand out and supports your business.

The cost of developing an app varies greatly dependant on the features it requires, the devices it needs to work on and the integration into different systems. As a guide, a simple app with basic features can start from £20k on a single platform.

If you have an app in mind for your business, or want to know more about custom app development, we’d love to hear from you and see how our years of experience can help you roll it out.

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