“This is an awesome app. Would have paid for it. I use it nearly every day. Better than most of the paid ones.”

-Apple App Store Review

Koozai are a highly-accredited, result driven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company who offer a full range of SEO services. Sonin worked with Koozai to create the Website SEO Analyser app that offers a SEO analysis of their website.

To demonstrate their skill in analysing webites for SEO purposes, Sonin worked with the team at Koozai to create a portable tool that would help their customers find out more about how their websites were performing against key SEO criteria.

Early on in the project planning phase, we narrowed the focus on developing for the iPhone via an app, as well as exploring deploying a mobile site version. The iPhone app allows users to analyse their website, view the results with links to explanations of the rating as well as most importantly linking through to a contact form to request further help from Koozai.

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