October’s Mobile News

At Sonin we feel it’s important that we deliver the latest mobile news to our readers from an industry that is constantly evolving. Whether you’re new to mobile, an industry leader, a start-up or a multinational brand, having access to the latest mobile news is vital for your app development. Here are our top mobile headlines so far in October.

Last updated: 20/10/2016

Facebook Adopt Food Ordering & Ticketing Services


Facebook has launched two new features to encourage individuals to participate more in their respective communities. Via Facebook Pages, users will now be able to order food through Delivery.com and buy tickets through Ticketmaster without leaving the app,

Source: Tech Crunch

Over 2 Billion Mobile Banking Users Expected by 2020


By 2020 there will be over 2 billion mobile banking users, representing over a third of the global adult population. Currently there are 1.2 billion consumers globally already using their smartphone and tablet devices to manage their finances, including money transfers and applying for new products and services.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

100 Million Consumers Will Shop in Augmented Reality by 2020


Augmented Reality apps such as Pokemon Go are set to rise in popularity and bring AR “into the mainstream” according to Gartner. It’s been reported that 100 million consumers will be shopping in augmented reality by the year 2020 both in-store and other locations, following businesses such as Ikea who are already embracing the technology to get closer to their customers.


Source: Gartner

Apple Introduce App Store Ads


Apple have begun displaying search ads in the US iOS App Store. Following a successful trial period paid advertisements will begin to appear above the search banner but only when they are related to a user’s search query. The firm is hoping that its new feature will contribute to increased downloads for smaller developers, and have launched a $100 free credit incentive to help cover the costs for first time campaigns.

Source: The Drum

Line Launches AR & E-Commerce Beauty App


Japanese mobile messaging app Line has launched a new Augmented Reality mobile app to allow makeup admirers to try on samples. Offering 33 make-up filters for both men and women these can be overlaid onto users’ faces (similar to Snapchat) and then purchased directly through the app.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

Live-Streaming App Meerkat Pulled From App Store


Live-streaming mobile app Meerkat has been pulled from the App Store so that the firm behind it can focus on its new live-streaming concept, Houseparty. Whist facing stiff competition from Periscope and Facebook’s new live-streaming services, the group has decided to shift their attention to Houseparty, an app they feel is a “better manifestation” in connecting mobile users.

Source: BBC Tech

Facebook Launches Messenger Lite App for Basic Android Phones


Facebook has decided to launch a “lite” version of its Messenger app in a bid to reach users in emerging markets where mobile internet is slow. The firm have described the “lite” version of the app as a “slimmed down version of Messenger” but will still offer some core features of the full version. The app will roll out in Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia in the upcoming months.

Source: The Verge

Google Launches Smartphone, VR headset & More


Google have unveiled a range of new products and services to add to their fleet of hardware and software technology. This included the new Google Pixel smartphone, Google WiFi, Google Assistant, Google Daydream VR and Google Home.

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