March’s Mobile News

At Sonin we feel it’s important that we deliver the latest mobile news to our readers from an industry that is constantly evolving. Whether you’re new to mobile, an industry leader, a start-up or a multinational brand, having access to the latest mobile news is vital for your app development. Here are our top mobile news headlines so far in March.

ROI For Mobile Workforce Increases


It’s been reported that more than a third of IT professionals consider mobilising their workforce a priority in 2017. 72% believe costs are being saved to the tune of around 30% when employees are provided with mobile devices, and over 75% believe that their employees would save at least one business day in every two weeks via mobile apps.

Source: Enterprise Apps Tech

McDonald’s To Test Mobile Ordering


McDonald’s will begin testing its mobile ordering system in late March, as it looks to compete with rivals such as Domino’s and KFC. The global organisation has also announced that it plans to launch its mobile order and pay platform in 20,000 of its restaurants by the end of the year, including in the United Kingdom.

Source: Mobile Marketing

Consumers Spent 900 Billion Hours on Apps in 2016


Consumers spent over 900 billion hours on apps in 2016, a 25% YOY increase from 2015. In addition to this, the total amount of downloads also showed significant growth, increasing by 15% to 90 billion. These statistics discard claims that we’re in the midst of a ‘post-app’ era when in fact mobile usage is at an all-time high. For businesses, this provides ample opportunity to reach more customers on their mobile devices.


Mobile World Congress 2017 Highlights

MWC new


A number of significant announcements were made at Mobile World Congress 2017, including new hardware and the possibility of 5G everywhere. The reboot of the Nokia 3310 was one of the most publicised moments to come out of Barcelona, which will come with a 31-day battery life and the re-introduction of popular mobile game, Snake.

Source: CNet

In-App Data 13x More Effective For Marketers


Content published via apps rather than the mobile or desktop web can be targeted much more accurately, a recent report has confirmed. Valuable app data can be accessed for the previous 13 months by marketers in contrast to the 30-day time limit of web cookie data. This means that businesses are able to reach their consumers with the right message at the right time, by using valuable data at their disposal.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine