Startup Toolkit

If you’re a startup company and feel you have a great idea for an app or website, we can provide you with the necessary tools to get you in the right direction. From initial marketing all the way through to securing your domain, Sonin will provide you with a fully comprehensive package tailored just for your requirements.


Marketing is key to generating excitement about your product and should be the first aspect that you address. Without clearly identifying your target audience and the platforms in which you can reach them, then there’s a chance that your product may unfortunately be overlooked. By outlining a range of relevant traditional and new media channels, we’ll ensure that your product is publicised in the correct place in order to generate product/brand awareness. These include:

  • Targeting key influencers and bloggers (Print, Online & Social Media focused)
  • Creating blog content
  • PPC (pay-per-click)
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Social media campaigns


If you’re seeking ROI from your product you need to start thinking about two things; how and when. The amount you’re going to charge and the timing of this are key to sustaining an efficient business model. Sonin will guide you through the various layers of monetization, including paid, freemium and ad sponsored options, whilst providing real-life case studies on the way.

Competitor Analysis

We will undergo a full competitor analysis to ensure that your overall concept hasn’t already established. If the event that there are similar services we’ll be able to evaluate the success of these based on reach and download volume. We can also help you generate ideas for additional features to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Brand Protection

Whether you’re creating an app or a website we’ll assist you in acquiring the relevant domains or licenses for your project.


We will supply both the framework and graphic design for your project to show to your potential investor. This will include a comprehensive breakdown of your app/website’s main focal points, including company logo, overall layout, text locations and theme.


Please contact with your query and we’ll be in touch.