How To Stand Out On The App Store

Recent statistics show that there are now over 1.5 million apps available on the App Store, whilst Android’s Google Play Store has around 1.6 million, making it undeniably the hottest time ever for the app economy. These statistics also show no indication of slowing down any time soon as more and more marketers continue to expand their digital reach.

The above statistics may sound a bit daunting if you’re in the midst of creating an app, but don’t let it deter you in any way. A collective figure of 3.2 million apps doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all active, in fact many apps on online stores lack any real substance and/or following because of the below reasons. In short, they fail to get noticed before they have a chance to live.

As for any marketing activity it’s all about making your product stand out from the crowd. From the moment you come up with your concept all the way to when it’s available to download, you’re in complete control of its tone and direction. Your app development agency, including us at Sonin, will ensure that your app remains unique through a mixture of engaging UI/UX. It’s now up to you to make it appealing enough to warrant the hit of the download button.

App revenues are increasing more than ever before and mobile has officially taken over the web, as highlighted in our previous blog post Apps Outweigh Mobile In The Eyes of Users. For yours to be deemed a success you need to get noticed, first of all on the download stores. For this to be made possible we suggest following our top five tips.


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1) Make your icon & screenshots stand out

The first time a user lands on your download page they’ll expect to see your app icon along with relevant screenshots, which makes them the most important tools to get your app found. Your icon needs to remain clear, sharp and professional looking as its reflects the quality of your final product. Similarly your screenshots should advertise your apps best content. You’re allowed a maximum of five images per screen size on the App Store, so make them count!

2) Include a video

Embedding a video in your download page is a relatively new feature on the App Store, and is a powerful sales tool to showcase your apps functionalities. Use the time wisely to guide the user through all aspects of the app and maintain the sales aspect of it by including a strong call to action at the end. As always take your target audience into consideration whilst producing your video, make it appealing for them and demonstrate how your app will change their day-to-day for the better.

3) Get the copy correct

Including nice looking images and videos onto your download page is great, but they need to be reinforced by strong copy writing. Your description is vital for convincing a visitor to download your app as it will dictate whether they feel that it’s suitable for them. The introduction (before the more prompt) is what you really want to focus on. It should be crisp and concise for the reader with a persuasive tone.

4) Reviews

How many of us base our decision making on reviews/comments from other people, probably the majority. Reviews have a massive influence on conversions and account for 75 percent of decision making, the other 25 percent is made up by screenshots and the description.

You should listen to the reviews that have been left also. If any bugs have been detected then work hard to get these fixed, it will show that you are being proactive and value your users feedback.

5) Encourage referrals

Referrals are a great way for your app to get discovered. You should motivate your users to share with friends and receive free goods/incentives for their dedication. This doesn’t come easy though, you have to ensure that your app is worth sharing among users, so get a solid concept in place and the rest will follow.


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