Essential Summer Holiday Apps

It’s officially July which means one thing, you’ll soon be taking to the skies to swap your exams, 9-5’s and early morning commutes with stretches of golden sands and unlimited sangria to hand. We take a look at the best and essential summer holiday apps that everybody should download prior to stepping on that plane. We’ve even placed them in chronological order tailored to fit to your busy holiday schedule!

Courtesy of their UK allowance policy in 18 foreign countries, chances are Three mobile network users will enjoy this upcoming blog a lot more than anybody else. For everyone else at least you have Wi-Fi available or an incredibly generous mobile budget set aside for your trip.

1) National Geographic World – Free

If you’re still contemplating where you want to venture off too or you want more information, then prepare to be inspired by the National Geographic World app. You’ll be able to find facts and stats for every country and territory on the globe and get real-time weather updates so you can plan what to wear!

2) Wunderlist – Free

So you’ve decided on where you want to go, now it’s time to get yourself ready. Wunderlist is a great app where you can centralise all of your holiday essentials into one place and check them off as you go. Unfortunately it can’t check off your passport every 5 minutes, that’s still something that you’ll have to do yourself!

3) Airline Apps (British Airways, easyJet, AirFrance etc) – Free

Airline apps make booking, boarding and accessing everything about your flights much easier than ever before, make the most of them! If you’re using the Apple Watch you’ll be able to view the flight number and even get a countdown to the departure time so you don’t miss your flight whilst shopping in duty free!

4) iTranslate – £4.49

With iTranslate you can speak your native language into your phone which can then be translated into one of 42 languages. You can also link up AirTranslate to connect devices together and have a conversation in a particular language. Perfect for those “I’m going to miss my check-in” conversations with your hotel/hostel/apartment.

5) Car Rentals Market App – Free

The Car Rentals Market app for iPhone has the largest selection of car rentals available today, and partner with car rental companies in the USA, Canada and Europe. Users are able to compare prices from all car rental companies in one place meaning that you’ll always get the cheapest deals.

6) WifiMapper – Free

WiFiMapper is the world’s largest free Wi-Fi database which contains over 500 million hotspots. Not only does it tell you where the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot is, it will also give you information on the location so you know where to go and where to avoid.

7) City Guides by National Geographic – Free (with in-app purchases)

It’s the return of our our friends at the National Geographic. This app will allow you to explore the best of four of the world’s most vibrant cities – London, Rome, Paris and New York. Features include established routes, ‘Did You Know’ facts and a photo upload function.

If you’re not visiting one of these places have no fear, there are tons of individual apps for specific locations all over the world.

8) TripAdvisor – Free

We’ve all had it where we feel the need to spread the word about something atrocious on our holiday, yet never actually get round to doing it. With good ol’ fashioned TripAdvisor you can instantly let people know how please or displeased you were with a particular service, making sure that they go too or avoid entirely thanks to your wise words.