When Digital Meets Employee Engagement

1 min read - Events & Webinars

As the use of technology within the workplace increases, remote working becomes the norm. And as Generation Z join the workforce, businesses are expected to use more technology. But how should businesses utilise technology for employee engagement?

We’re excited to launch a series of upcoming webinars in partnership with theblueballroom that aim to answer exactly that. We want to explore the ways in which businesses can benefit from using technology for internal communications. As well as increase their employee engagement. Whether that’s through communicating with remote teams, reward and recognition or knowledge sharing.

Theblueballroom are a specialist internal comms agency, working with clients across the globe to improve their internal communication and employee engagement strategies. Whether it’s managing organisational change or harnessing the power and value of effective employee engagement. They have a wealth of experience in developing creative and practical solutions that have maximum impact.

To help shape our webinar, and to ensure we cover the points that matter to you, we’d like to know what frustrations and challenges you have in this area. We’d like you to submit your questions for inclusion in the webinar.

To submit your questions send us a DM on Twitter @soninapps  or @theblueballroom 

We’ll be releasing more information on our digital meetings employee engagement webinars shortly, watch this space.